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Le Tour De West Wales

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Professor Lappin-Scott, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Swansea University was last night awarded the individual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Pioneer Award in the Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards.

The Womanspire Awards celebrate the amazing achievements made by women across Wales. They include a wide range of categories to ensure that the winners will be reflective of the achievements being made by women from all walks of life.

Scientists find that internet withdrawal increases heart rate and blood pressure

Scientists and clinicians from Swansea and Milan have found that some people who use the internet a lot experience significant physiological changes such as increased heart rate and blood pressure when they finish using the internet.

The study involved 144 participants, aged 18 to 33 years, having their heart rate and blood pressure measured before and after a brief internet session.  Their anxiety and self-reported internet-addiction were also assessed.  The results showed increases in physiological arousal on terminating the internet session for those with problematically-high internet usage.  These increases in heart rate and blood pressure were mirrored by increased feelings of anxiety.  However, there were no such changes for participants who reported no internet-usage problems.


The study, published in the international peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE, is the first controlled-experimental demonstration of physiological changes as a result of internet exposure.


The study lead, Professor Phil Reed, of Swansea University, said: “We have known for some time that people who are over-dependent on digital devices report feelings of anxiety when they are stopped from using them, but now we can see that these psychological effects are accompanied by actual physiological changes.”

Inspiring Swansea University Pro-Vice-Chancellor crowned STEM Pioneer Champion


The awards.

A film called 'Bells on the Western Front' produced and directed by local film maker Franco De Marco has won 11 awards from the Christian film festival in America, The festival director Richard Collins had this to say about the film.

"Congratulations to 'Bells on the Western Front' by Franco De Marco, it's the 2016 Christian film festival VAUSA award winner for best feature film produced directed and filmed by Franco De Marco. Also awarded for best cinematography, best costumes and props, best movie fan favourite, best actor, best actress, best actor supporting and best actress supporting.


"This film was given the best movie fan favourite awards for the CFF for having so many very emotional memorable and well done scenes, it was very well done, including the best movie scene by far of the film festival where British soldier William meets German soldier Fritz during the Christmas truce, they speak briefly about their families, and as they depart back to their lines to resume the battle, Fritz tells William to remember to 'keep is head down please' a great scene that reminds us of the human factor of war. Well done everyone who has a part of that scene it was awesome. This movie was made in honour of all those who fought in WW1, it has a great message, great cinematography, great costumes and props and a great soundtrack. Congratulations Mr Franco De Marco and everyone who was in the production and who helped make this amazing film.  It has a great message and great acting - God bless CFF".


Richard Collins (Festival Director).

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Professor Phil Reed.

There was an average 3-4% increase in heart rate and blood pressure, and in some cases double that figure, immediately on termination of internet use, compared to before using it, for those with digital-behaviour problems.  Although this increase is not enough to be life-threatening, such changes can be associated with feelings of anxiety, and with alterations to the hormonal system that can reduce immune responses.  The study also suggested that these physiological changes and accompanying increases in anxiety indicate a state like withdrawal seen for many ‘sedative’ drugs, such as alcohol, cannabis, and heroin, and this state may be responsible for some people’s need to re-engage with their digital devices to reduce these unpleasant feelings.


Dr. Lisa Osborne, a clinical researcher and co-author of the study, said: “A problem with experiencing physiological changes like increased heart rate is that they can be misinterpreted as something more physically threatening, especially by those with high levels of anxiety, which can lead to more anxiety, and more need to reduce it.”  


Professor Phil Reed said: “The growth of digital communication media is fuelling the rise of ‘internet’ use, especially for women.  There is now a large amount of evidence documenting the negative effects of overuse on people’s psychology, neurology, and now, in this study, on their physiology.  Given this, we have to see a more responsible attitude to the marketing of these products by firms – like we have seen for alcohol and gambling.”

Special attraction



Visit their Victorian gaol and take photo's.


Inspiring Swansea University Pro-Vice-Chancellor shortlisted for Pioneer Award






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Professor Lappin-Scott‘s award recognises her personal and professional work to develop opportunities for women in STEM. Hilary works tirelessly to inspire, support and encourage women in STEM at all levels locally, nationally and internationally.


The Womanspire Awards judges said: “Hilary has had a major impact on gender diversity in STEM in Wales. Passionate about her work, she has changed perceptions and been a figure of influence across generations.”


Hilary, a Professor of Microbiology, has been a scientist for over 30 years and has supervised fifty PhD students to their successful completion and has published 200+ scientific papers. Her work is recognized as internationally excellent e.g. she received the prestigious Schlumberger Stichting Award.


Hilary is the Vice President of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, steering the development of the discipline on a global scale. She plays numerous leadership (UK wide and international) roles within STEM, shaping the future direction of research, supporting the international networking of scientists and the exchange of scientific ideas for the benefit of the global scientific community.

Llanmorlais Carnival

Welcome to the 101st Llanmorlais carnival! This years theme is Myths & Legends.


Join us for a fun filled family day out! With live music & entertainment, performances, stalls, games, competitions, live auction, bouncy castles and inflatable games.

Feast at our BBQ and have a drink in our beer tent or indulge in an afternoon tea in the hall.

Weather_Symbols_cloud with rain Weather_Symbols_cloud with rain Voila_Capture 2017-06-22_03-43-10_pm Andrew Thomas (left) and Jonny Morris.

Andrew Thomas has a passion for cycling and it's given him a new challenge, this is what he told us at TISW.

"As some of us are already aware that I have a passion for cycling and over the last few years I have used this passion for raising money for charity. I have cycled from Cardiff to Paris for Tenovous, cycled 143 miles in a day for Cancer Research Wales and last year took part in Tour De Pudsey which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Children in Need, so I had an idea this year to represent Lloyds Bank,  West Wales Group and raise money for Mental Health Uk.


"They have 21 branches stretched over a 250-mile radius in West Wales with some challenging terrain along the way. My plan is to cycle around the group in 3 days visiting each branch along the way. Day 1 will start in Oxford Street Swansea and finish in Pembroke Dock - 80 miles. Day 2 starting in Pembroke dock and finish in Lampeter - 100 miles. Day 3 starting in Lampeter and finish back in Oxford Street Swansea - 70 miles


"We will be doing lots of activities across the West Wales group in June to raise awareness & money for Mental Health UK. We will do a 3-day static cycle on the 13/06/17 - 15/06/17 in the branch, aiming to cycle 100 miles a day We will also be doing another static cycle in Swansea town centre on the 22/06/17 again raising awareness for  Mental Health UK. The week after the cycle starts I hope the weather is kind.


"We are doing all of this for a great cause so please support us by giving a donation to help raise awareness of an illness which can affect 1 in 4 people in the U.K. Every year."

Andrew Thomas (left) and Jonny Morris. Andrew Thomas.


24 June

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Professor Hilary Lapin Scott.

At Swansea University Hilary leads, directs and supports the progress of STEM through her current role as Senior-Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

Recently Prof Lappin-Scott devised the “Utilising All Our Talent” initiative at Swansea University, which established a senior group of female staff, facilitating both networking and support. For International Women’s Day 2015 she created the “Inspiring Women” campaign, whereby women from all areas and careers stages are showcased and celebrated, with STEM women well represented throughout and devised the Mary Williams Award which recognises staff who supports others to achieve their full potential. Hilary co-authored  the Welsh Government paper ‘Talented Women for a Successful Wales’ and delivered a TEDXTalk, which discussed the barriers girls face and challenges they need to overcome when entering the STEM arena.


In 2014 Hilary brought “Soapbox Science” a public outreach platform promoting female scientists, from London to Swansea to challenge the public’s perception of women as scientists too, and inspiring the next generation of female scientists. She also attracted the very successful British Science Festival to Wales which Swansea University not only hosted last year but also provided the impetus for the Swansea University Science Festival being held in September this year.  

Hilary received the 2016 WISE Campaign “Hero” award in recognition of “her passion about change on a global level and without boundaries. The award citation said that Hilary was “Busy, visible and creative and she brings together science and industry to improve lives.”

Upon receiving her award Professor Lappin-Scott said: “'I am absolutely delighted and humbled to receive the Individual STEM Pioneer award from Chwarae Teg Womenspire awards, against such a competitive field. It's gratifying to see this as part of a wider global initiative to increase the visibility of the achievements of female scientists.  I know that this makes a difference to both schoolgirls and women who are early career scientists, that they see that women's contributions are valued'.


Speaking about Hilary’s Womanspire Award Professor Richard B Davies Vice Chancellor, Swansea University said: “As a highly respected scientist and a Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Swansea University, Hilary has a demanding and hectic schedule.  But her infectious enthusiasm for science never falters and it is hugely to her credit that she always manages to find the time to encourage and support other women to have successful careers in science.  She also makes important strategic contributions, nationally and internationally, to addressing the under-representation and retention of women in STEM.  This includes policy development, conference contributions, and membership of advisory and review panels.

“I thank Chwarae Teg for giving Hilary the opportunity, through her Womenspire Award, to champion here in Wales the opportunities for women in STEM.”

Chwarae Teg received over 300 nominations across the 12 categories recognising the extraordinary achievements many individuals and organisations have made in leading equality in their industry such as business, arts, sports, STEM, rural and education.

Professor Hilary Lapin Scott.


25 June

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