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Daniel : Rest in peace to those who lost their lives last night :( thinking of all the families xxx.


Britain First: God bless the victims of the Manchester terror attack.


Samantha: What the actually fuck is wrong with these sick c***s Why can't we just destroy them all, no if's or but's just do it, what you waiting for!


Niki: Why can't we all come together and March through the UK go in every building every house find every extremist and sweep the UK clean! Then with any luck the world will follow... We have the numbers why can't we fuking come together!!!??? Please share if you agree!


H R Jones:  i have no children but i wish i could change it for all those people who do have children x


Valerie: Shocked & so sad but please Remember that the bad guys get the publicity because what they do is so UNUSUAL!

The vast – overwhelming - majority of people live good lives. . Don't despair! Go on & on & on promoting Peace - Love thy neighbour!


Jason: Manchester.

Emergency services across it in moments.

Taxi drivers offering free lifts home.

Local hotels offering safe haven for children and families.

Local people offering beds for the night.


Whatever has happened tonight, we are stronger together and will not be beaten.


My heart is broken for those poor children and for all those families with an empty house tonight. Just can't believe it. Can't stop crying.


Wales Air Ambulance: As a mark of respect to all those affected by events in Manchester, we're suspending our usual social media activity today. Our thoughts are with everyone at this tragic time, and all the emergency service teams involved.


Garry Barlow: Sad, sad news from Manchester. Praying for all the victims and families involved.