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Welsh Government funds new medical post graduate diploma places

The UK has voted to leave the European Union, David Cameron has lost the referendum campaign and his authority as Prime Minister is unlikely to ever recover.




The Prince of Wales Company exercised their right to march through the city centre for their home coming parade after two years of deployement in overseas opperations. It is sad to say that the Lord Mayor Dennis James featured in the video died 20 April 2013.


29 June

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28 June

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Swansea University post graduate students wishing to study the newly announced Physician Associate post graduate diploma will have their tuition fee costs covered in full by the NHS.

This exciting news means that students studying for this Masters level qualification  will not have to pay the £9,000 per year tuition fee. In addition NHS funding will also be available in the form of a non-means tested grant of £1,000 and a means tested NHS bursary of up to £3,741. Some travel expenses will be provided per student. In addition students can apply for a number of additional means tested supplementary grants if they meet specific criteria.


The Medical School’s new qualification , starting in September, is one of only two of its kind in Wales. The course has been developed between Swansea University Medical School and College of Human and Health Science through the ARCH partnership.


Although the role is relatively new to the UK, Physician Associates are already seen as a key role in the US and have been in existence for years and are an established part of the American medical workforce.


Physician Associates work to support doctors and will provide a valuable  supplement to the NHS workforce. They are trained clinicians and can undertake initial patient assessments and can carry out a range of procedures under the supervision of a doctor. They are trained generically so they can work in all areas of healthcare such as medicine, surgery, paediatrics and mental health and can also work in primary or secondary care.


Another benefit of this role is Physician Associates tend to work in a particular clinical area for a number of years which provides continuity and consistency, which is difficult to achieve with junior doctors who frequently move departments.


Swansea University Medical School is launching its two-year programme in September and has 15 funded places available. The programme will enable students to develop  the knowledge and clinical skills they require to pass the National Certification Examination and start work as a Physician Associate.


Although Physician Associates are dependent practitioners, they can also practise independently and make independent decisions. This is enabled by collaboration and supportive working relationships with their clinical supervisors, meaning that there is always someone who can discuss cases, give advice, and review patients if necessary.


The Physician Associate role supplements the role of the  junior doctor, they attend ward rounds, assess patients and organise aspects of the management plan.


Swansea University Physician Associate students will spend the majority of year one undertaking university-based theory and practical sessions with some early clinical exposure to the working environment of the NHS. During their second year, students will mainly take up clinical placements, with students applying their learning in the care of real patients under the supervision of a clinically qualified mentor.


Physician Associates work across a wide range of departments and a particular advantage of this role is maintaining the Physician Associate’s general knowledge which allows flexibility and transferability of skills. They can also work closely with GPs and support chronic disease management as well as carry out urgent same-day appointments. These appointments can be triaged by the GP who then works with the Physician Associate to manage the patients, which will help relieve pressure on our primary care services.


Closing date for applications is June 19. Competition is anticipated to be high for this innovative course with only 15 places available for 2016/17.

All applications should be made directly to

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DEWI GRIFFITHS - No1........Dewi Griffiths stole the JCP Half Marathon this Sunday morning with the rest of the runners hundreds of yards behind. The JCP Half Marathon recently voted the UK's second best at the The Running Awards attracted over 8000 runners which was sold out. Race director David Martin-Jewell said even though the event is only in its third year, it is fast becoming a favourite among the running community as it is equally suitable for first-time runners as well as elite athletes. This years event started and finished in the heart of the city in Oxford Street. The route then takes runners on fully closed roads past Swansea Castle and along a stretch of Swansea Bay towards Mumbles and back. Dewi Griffiths - running for Swansea Harriers - won the race with a time of 01:06:48 and in second place came Angus Maclean with a time of 01:09:35 and in third place came Josh Griffiths with a time of 01:10:35 Thousands lined the the route to watch the race through-out the city with the weather just right for the race, cloudy and dry. Video coming soon.

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Flash floods after heavy rainfall - this one at St Thomas traffic lights on Fabian Way.



10:00am - 4:00pm

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Atlantic full of rainclouds

Winner of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon was Dewi Griffiths at a time of 01:06:48

Winner of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon was Dewi Griffiths at a time of 01:06:48

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The Glamorgan Constabulary Poilce Re-enactments Group mobile goal and museum.


Aberavon Beach Festival....The promenade was chocker with fun-fare rides, vintage cars and motor bikes, trade stalls, ice-cream vans and burger vans. Also there for the first time was two Victorian Policemen with their own gaol and police museum from the Glamorgan Police Re-enactment Group, Sgt William Harris and PC Franco DeMarco were busy all day with the kids who just loved entering the gaol putting on police helmets and hats for a photo shoot by their parents. Another first for this event was the Recruiting Tableau from Swansea Pals Re-enactment Group. Sgt Rod Hughes demonstrated how the soldiers of that time were recruited into the army, he was assisted by Cpl Alan Mason who looked after the Bell tent which showed artefacts from that period. The organiser of the event Liz Williams said that these two new additional displays have been a great success with the public.

The Glamorgan Constabulary Poilce Re-enactments Group mobile goal and museum.