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Robert and Sandy Armstrong Bartlett who run the Sandy's Lunchbox Cafe in Swansea market travelled to pop idle George Michael's home in Gorring, Oxfordshire by the Thames to pay homage to the star.

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Marie Curie urgently needs YOUR help!

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The Sony W800 - 20mln Pixels - 5 x Zoom - £79.99


2 College Street, Swansea SA1 5EA (01792 476099)

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Contractors 'Cuddy' have now started to demolish the iconic Top Rank building on the Kingsway.


They are using two machines with massive jaws on the end of the jib that crunch into the re-enforced concrete bit by bit. The building that ended its life as the Oceanna Night Club will take a month too demolish.


When the ground has been leveled the contractors will dig down too build an under ground car park.


On top of that there will be a block of offices.



23 February

Temp 8º C


24 February

Temp 6 ºC

As we see the first daffodils of the year bloom, terminal illness charity Marie Curie is asking people of Wales to volunteer to collect for its Great Daffodil Appeal in March. Volunteering just two hours of your time to give out daffodil pins in return for a donation can help Marie Curie Nurses be there for people living with a terminal illness in their own homes and at the Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale in Penarth.

The Great Daffodil Appeal is Marie Curie’s biggest annual fundraising campaign, which takes places throughout March, but the charity needs people to sign up to volunteer now.


Actress Jane Horrocks, who volunteered her time to voice a radio and TV ad for the appeal, said: “This March the charity needs more than 24,000 volunteers to make the Great Daffodil Appeal happen. Please give up some of your time to ensure that Marie Curie Nurses and the Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale can continue to provide care and support to people living with a terminal illness, at a time when they need it most. Together we can make every daffodil count this March!”


Sara Bass, Fundraising Manager for Wales, said: “We are calling on the people of Wales to help us make every daffodil count this year. All you have to do is encourage people to give a donation and wear a daffodil pin, it’s that simple. So round up your friends, family and colleagues and together we can help Marie Curie Nurses provide vitals hands on care and emotional support to people living with a terminal illness, and their loved ones.”




Kelvin Carter, Marie Curie collector and face of The Great Daffodil Appeal, said:“Sylvia, my first wife, was a Marie Curie Nurse. She enjoyed being in a position to be able to help people, that was why she did nursing. When Sylvia was diagnosed with cancer, I knew that I couldn’t do her justice in looking after her in the way that she deserved to be. The Marie Curie hospice where she worked offered to look after her and I was absolutely delighted to think that the people who had worked with her, and loved her, were able to care for her. It was amazing – it couldn’t have been better.I raise money for the appeal in Sylvia’s memory. Two hours spent collecting isn’t a lot of time but every second counts. I would encourage anyone to collect - If I can do it, you can too!”


Make Every Daffodil Count and volunteer to support now: call 0800 304 7025*.   For more information on how to get involved in the Great Daffodil Appeal, please call 0800 304 7025.

Approximately 100 people turned up to the Anti Trump Rally in Castle Square on Monday evening organised by the Socialist Party. They could not blame the weather as it was mild with slight drizzle. The numbers would have been smaller if it was for the fact that the organisers drafted in a number of students from Swansea University, Singleton.


One of the main speakers was Swansea City Councillor David Phillips who spelled out his reasons for not allowing President Trump a state visit too the UK. He was followed by Swansea West AM Julie James and then there was speaker after speaker, one as young as 12 years old!, some with very strong views of the impending visit. There was a small police presence who made sure there was no problems and everything went well. The rally concluded at 7pm.

Robert and Sandy took with them a bunch of 12 red roses with an artificial diamond in the middle of each rose to add too the hundreds of bouquets already placed at the stars Mill Cottage home by the Thames.


George Michael's death on the 26th December 2016 shocked the world of music and the millions of adoring fans throughout the world.  Sandy who has been a life long fan of the star has been to George Michael's home twice and indeed has met the star there. Sandy said: " He spoke well of his time living in Gorring and said the neighbours were the best in the world, I was amazed at his beautiful home with a Christmas tree higher than the house in the back garden.


"I have followed George's rise to fame since I was young and bought just about everything he produced, I just loved his music especially "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and "Last Christmas". He had such a wonderful name as well, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.


" I broke my heart when he died, and now I feel much better that Rob and I have been to his home to pay homage to a truly wonderful person."

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