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Purple Flag status renewed for Swansea

Free English Language Courses at Swansea University

They're aim is to keep alive the memories of the men and women who served in World War II, and to educate the general public on the issued kit, weapons, food and everything else about the regular tommy soldier in the "poor bloody infantry" through our shows.


Along with other Battle Groups they regularly take part in public displays. They also enjoy many weekends taking part in large private battles where there are British and American Units against a variety of German WW II re-enactment groups, using blank firing weapons to give us a personal insight of what it may have been like, with the tactics and fighting styles they used. However, we will never truly know what these brave men actually went through.


The Welsh Tommies will leave Brecon Beacon Barracks on period bikes in full kit and cycle to Maindy Barracks in Cardiff on the 1st October 2016.



This video is about Swansea City, it starts from the River Tawe and shows the streets in the city and ends down on the bay. The songs are sung by the Welsh Choir - We'll Keep a Welcome - and the beautiful voice of Russell Watson singing his version of Calon Lan.

Swansea's safe and diverse nightlife has again been recognised with the renewal of the prestigious Purple Flag Award for another year.

Between October and December 2016, Swansea University English Language Training Services (ELTS) is offering free English language classes. The university is hoping that this will attract learners who might otherwise not be able to attend language lessons.

The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery will be opening on the 15 October 2016. They will be have a flamboyant parade through the streets of Swansea to mark the opening of the gallery. You are invited to join in the fun and the parade in costume.

The national award, which is assessed by The Association of Town and City Management, requires demonstration of achieving a comprehensive set of standards, management processes and good practice examples designed to help transform a town or city centre's evening and night time economy. It indicates an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out. Swansea is the only area in Wales currently taking part in the Purple Flag programme.


In a report, ATCM assessors said: "Swansea is clearly an example of good practice to follow for other areas in Wales that may be looking at Purple Flag programme. "The initiatives that really stand out for Swansea are the notable achievement of positive media coverage of the night time economy, Purple Flag engagement day, raising public awareness of the Purple Flag programme and the significance of improvement to diversification of the evening and night time economy with new restaurants and cinema opening in the Purple Flag area. "The level and quality of activity that has taken place over the past year would appear to justify the standards claimed."


Cllr Mark Child, Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Healthy City and Wellbeing, said "I am delighted we have retained the Purple Flag, but what's particularly pleasing are the comments about diversification. The partners have been working very hard this last year to raise the profile of the vast range of activities available in Swansea on an evening or night out.


"We all know about Wind Street and the appeal it has to mostly young people. That's a part of the night time economy, and I'm proud of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep people safe, with student volunteers, street pastors, the Help Point and more. But what's great is that other Swansea people are really starting to engage with all the other things you can do in the city centre, like theatre, cinema, gallery openings, live music and family friendly activities, which proves Swansea's night life has something for everyone.


"I'd also like to acknowledge the local media for wholeheartedly getting behind Purple Flag - their valuable support, as recognised by the assessors, is vital to encouraging people into the city. They, like us, understand its importance for Swansea, with raised profile nationally and the economic benefits of incoming businesses bringing investment and jobs.


"I also have no doubt that retaining the Purple Flag will be a tick in the boxes of potential investors in the redevelopment of the city centre, as a sign of commitment of the Council and other partners to making this a city we are all proud of."


The Purple Flag Weekend will be back this autumn to coincide with the first weekend of the Swansea International Festival on Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1.

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Llys Nini is affiliated to the national RSPCA, but receives no automatic funding from it. As well as rehoming animals, Llys Nini Animal Centre works to help people and the environment too. Over 14,500 animals rescued and rehomed since opening in 1995.

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30 Sept

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Recorded 2014 so some animals are not available and the event is also not available.

The classes begin on Wednesday 5th October 2016, and run until 9th December 2016, on Wednesdays and Fridays. Aimed at adults who want to improve their English language skills, this General English course will help them to communicate more effectively, including work on speaking, listening, reading, grammar and pronunciation.


The university has a strong commitment to the local community and it is hoped that this opportunity will broaden its ties with people living locally. The course is offered free of charge as it is taught by a group of trainee teachers undertaking the CELTA training programme from Cambridge University, supervised by Swansea University’s team of teacher trainers.


For further details please contact the ELTS teacher training team on Swansea 01792 295391 or email us on   or

Gurkha Welfare Trust (Wales)


Experience a traditional Nepalise curry specially prepared by the Gurkha's Mandalay Company.

Skewen RFC - November 4th 2016 7:30pm - Tickets £15

Elts logo Purple flood-lights have been installed in Castle Square Purple flood-lights and purple bunting have been installed in Castle Square Purple Flag status renewed for Swansea We all know about Wind Street and the appeal it has to mostly young people.